Howdy Friends,
There’s been some news lately, hadn’t there? I’d like everybody to know I’m not merely sitting around binge watching Tiger King and day drinking. I’m doing that and also getting some writing, recording, other things that start with r like the NEW RINGOS RECORD!.

The Ringos record is in the final edit and mixing stage. That’s cool. It’s cool for me at least. I promise it will please my greatest fan, me. If anyone else likes it, great! I make music because it makes me happy. I record because it amazes me. I’ve been like this as long as I can remember. My brother had a little 3 1/2 in reel-to-reel when we were in grade school. It’s never stopped.

It’s not that I’m so in love with my voice, playing, recording, arranging, and all the rest. I’m in love with making music and listening to that music. It’s what I like to do. It exists as it is and it’s existence explains itself.

I record other writer’s songs because it’s fun. Sometimes my arrangements diverge from the original and sometimes I’m faithful. I want to figure out how other players made the sounds. I want to get inside the melody and lyrics to experience what the writers intended. Sometimes, in the process, I figure out what made it affect me. Sometimes I’m just having fun.

The video is from something called “Don’t Be a Sucker.” That fits, I think.