My process looks something like this.

I record. Sometimes I make music that goes perfectly with a particular project and sometimes they

don’t.That affronts me very little. There’s something always cooking in the creative cave and that whatever will be, is gonna be, know what I mean?

Do these songs go together? I don’t know. I picked them from my library of finished/unfinished tunes. Modern technology allows endless revision and without that “nation of fans I can’t let down” waiting for me to finish, it’s all too easy to keep going ad infinitum.

I’m letting go of these three.

Window Man

I wrote this a long time ago and it was a staple of Ringos shows for a long time. I was tired of by the time of the Under the Double Eagle sessions so it wasn’t ever formally released. I think we made about a hundred demos of it including two recorded at the famed Metro Studios in Minneapolis. I was living in an East Norman ghetto apartment complex and there was a voyeur I ran into a few too many times. I regularly took a shortcut between buildings to the parking lot and the perp would scurry off into the darkness like a raccoon caught in a trash can. I tried to imagine myself in his place and this was the result. If I recall, I wrote it on Easter Sunday in 1987 which explains that reference.
A few years ago, I had a sick child to care for and during their naps, I recorded most of this. I stole the guitar parts directly from Forrest Walsh’s parts from our earliest demo. I like how this turned out. Just a few more tweaks and I’m finished…

Ball and Chain:

This is one of those tunes that hangs around in your head for a long time in fragments then suddenly rushes out all at once. I had three distinctly different riffs/ideas hanging around for quite a while, then suddenly, in about five minutes, they all came together and this song was the result. I didn’t really have to mess with it much after that initial burst. No matter how many times I mix it, it comes out sounding pretty good. It’s funny how some tunes can be fussed over and fussed over and never sound how I want but others just seem to be made of magic beans and pixie dust and are un-fowl-up-able.

Hot ‘n Nasty

I love Humble Pie. Steve Marriott wasn’t as popular as he should have been, but that’s show biz.
I recorded this a few years ago when I was playing with a new mic pre on a new cowbell. Its pretty cool.

All tunes © 2015, Raines Bros. Music (BMI)