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I like to play and sing in public. That’s the whole of it. I just like it. Some folks like the way I do it and some don’t. Neither affronts me much because I really, really enjoy performing. I want people to like it but it isn’t a prerequisite for me. I’ve been playing solo more and more over the past few decades and back in my working-all-the-time days, I usually opened the second or third set with a brief solo set if I got impatient with the rest of the dudes coming back from break.

Recently, I played a full set at an undisclosed location and really had a good time.


The joint looked a little like this.

Me and my boy Ed decided to go to an open mic night but a few libations and conflagrations got in between us and the venue so we didn’t get on the list until the tail end of the night. The MC spent most of his time in the parking lot smoking dope which meant the first act played a full 90 minutes before the dude started keeping the show moving. I’m like a race horse kicking the stall ready to run and watching anybody for any length of time just gets me more and more pumped until I’m just about fit to be tied. I don’t get nervous, but I do get pumped and by the time my set started I was ready, really really really ready to go.

I don’t know if it was any good, but it was fun for me and one of the few people there said my set was a “beautiful train-wreck.” He meant it as a compliment and even though my set wasn’t perfect, slick, or coherent a bit of the time, it was fun and had a few moments of brilliance.

At least that’s how it felt to me.

Here’s a song I did for the first time in public. I’m putting it up because I think I’ve decided to not put it on my upcoming record of chart topping hits.

That’s all it is.