Saint Tom Wann: Patron Saint of those who don’t take no crap from nobody

I make music and I write words. Until recently, I said I wasn’t looking for an audience. I think that was honest for a while. Now, I’m available for almost anything the traffic will allow.

I enjoy writing, making music, and performing ¬†which is why I continue to do them. I will continue to say that I only try to please my biggest and only fan, myself. While that is most certainly true, I’ve finally jumped the fence back into the public realm. I never really left, but I didn’t have the time to promote. I’m out playing as many of the shows I’ve been previewing in my head these past few decades.

I’m not changing my essential perspective that I do this for me and if anybody wants to come along for the ride, all aboard. However, we’re all either on the bus or not on the bus and riding is a fully voluntary activity.¬†

Ultimately, I’m doing more stuff and I’m going to be more public about it. As always, I take requests but I only take them seriously when they are written on large denomination US currency.

Thanks for reading,
your pal Kelly

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